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Gold Prospecting Equipment – IN THE EVENT YOU Build Or Buy?

Gold Prospecting Equipment – IN THE EVENT YOU Build Or Buy?

Last summer, for the first time, a pal and I designed a interest for gold prospecting. Nonetheless it wasn’t just the finding of the gold that people loved, it had been more the knowledge of the methods found in finding it, of the engineering of how sluice and pans boxes work. We thought we would build our very own equipment (generally), veering from the spendy stuff aquired online. Do not get me wrong. I’m sure stuff works great. But we wanted the enthusiasm to do it all ourselves. Just how did we build our very own gold prospecting equipment? It had been simple.

Both most common devices in gold prospecting will be the precious metal pan, and the sluice package. Your standard gold pan is quite cheap, usually about $10. Black plastic material is what I favor. The gold shows up against the black perfectly. Sluice boxes, however, can get a lttle bit pricey. Creating a sluice is truly a lot simpler than it sounds. Using bits of plastic cut into simple geometric shapes (squares and rectangles) we create a very lightweight sluice box from plastic by just gluing the pieces as well as plastic cement and waiting a day. For ideas on building your individual sluice box, one merely has to enter “sluice package plans” into Google and they’re going to find dozens of step-by-step instructions how to build their particular gold getting contraption. A sluice package has a very easy design. It’s simply a box, in the end. Who can’t create a box? A whole lot of outfitters will attempt and offer you on lightweight, expensive aluminum, wanting a lot of money for a straightforward sluice box. I say why pay the money when you can build a sluice with common materials easily.

But back again to the sluice field for a moment. Lightweight plastic is simple to work with. Provided that one doesn’t buy bed sheets greater than a quarter inch thick, it really is reasonably lower with an exacto blade. Add to that the price tag on a bottle of plastic cement and you will have your own sluice box in a matter of a couple of hours and whatever other bits of gold prospecting equipment you will need.

The one thing left to accomplish is discover a river which has a reasonable volume of gold even now hiding aside. In California, that’s really simple to do. Gold infested rivers will be scattered all throughout southern and northern California. Different places have different degrees of gold, but I’m let’s assume that those reading this curently have a spot chosen.

Gold Prospecting in america on a Budget

Gold Prospecting in america on a Budget

The continuing says of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are safeguarded from regulations that prevent gold detectors from selecting gold.The main thing you must consider if you opt to venture out prospecting for gold, is normally that the house laws are rather severe in this country. Practically, if you don’t own the property, there is no need any to trespass, let alone take up a prospecting venture. Make sure to check with who owns the property before, make certain they’re okay together with your interests and barter the right cost for your stay and the percent they’ll gain in the event that you do find something. Make sure you draft papers and get them to legalized properly in order to avoid complications.

It usually is serious trouble to precious metal pan in virtually any national park also. The federal government does this to safeguard the wildlife and normal means in these parks. If you do opt to prospect below you shall need to obtain a permit.

It is understandable that it may seem to be overwhelming when trying to locate a location to prospect in, nevertheless the world is an enormous place and there is usually tons of gold found still.

The general consensus in terms of precious metal prospecting is to retain it as a spare time activity. The past has ensured that gold deposits have already been drained out. Start in the basic safety and ease of your backyard and, once you have been released to the prospecting community and its demands, you might opt to go further and take part in more serious, but possibly more successful activities.

Be sure you consider the property where you intend on prospecting for gold on. The laws and regulations are severe for trespassing. If you don’t own the property there is no need the proper to even set foot on the house, so forget about by using a gold detector. Be sure you are checking the house ownership to make certain the owner has decided to allow you usage of the property. Sometimes they’ll charge you a cost for access to their house but this will be minimal if. Also ensure you have an agreement deal with the dog owner if you do actually obtain their permission for certain when out doors.

Gold Prospecting Tip 1 – The Physical Features of Gold

Gold Prospecting Tip 1 – The Physical Features of Gold

Before engaging in the juicy tips seriously, it is crucial that you realize gold as a physical entity, this will permit you to envisage where gold will maintain any kind of river program and/or placer mining condition. Fortunately for gold prospectors across the world gold has some attributes that let it separate itself from other supplies in a stream or river.

Chief among these is definitely its density or particular gravity, it really is almost 20 times considerably more dense than normal water, and generally up to three to four 4 times considerably more dense than other things it’s likely you’ll come across in an average river setting. It will be great if it were 20 times less dense than the rest in the river as this might let it float on the waters area, providing it into our holding out scoops straight, even so, there’s a flip area to that precious metal coin, if gold was to float on the rivers floor it would –

be nowhere in close proximity to as scarce
consequently be completely worthless

Nature gives away little or nothing free of charge, there’s always a cost to pay. Gold is certainly dense, scarce,very difficult and nearly immune to the duration of time (all of the gold on the world has been produced in the heart and soul of a dying superstar and is vast amounts of years outdated, yet it even now retains its beautiful yellowish gleam), if we wish a few of this magical products, its likely to make us work for this.

With golds density staying so excessive and liquefaction occurring through the entire riverbed (especially during floods), the gold finally finds its way right down to the lower degrees of the riverbed. It’ll be within the river gravels of the existing river and could also be within the river gravels of prior rivers that may own run in the past, but no do longer.

Thus yes, you guessed it, if you wish to find gold, you should dig, then dig even more and a bit more, and eventually, for anyone who is in a precious metal bearing area you shall find precious metal, all it requires is just a little sweat and just a little persistence.

In the above good examples What i’m saying is alluvial gold – gold which includes been broken clear of its supply (a gold bearing quartz vein) by the relentless forces of our mother earth and finally found its way right into a river program. Alluvial gold is often within small grains which range from an identical size to the common salt grain, because of sizes nearly imperceptible to the eye. Prospecting for alluvial gold is known as “Placer Mining”, with Placer from the Spanish “to make sure you”, this term is employed because placer mining is easier than the other ways of gold prospecting.

Other styles of gold deposits happen to be – lode deposits, residual deposits, bench deposits, stream bed deposits, historical rivers and flood layers,we will discover more about these later, we have plenty of to get learning without complicating issues.

That you realize the physical qualities of gold now, and its density when compared to other resources in the river gravels, we can now visualize what will be happening inside river system and where the gold will deposit itself, this can make it less complicated for a prospector to recuperate more gold for fewer work.

Now its period to observe how gold is usually distributed throughout and gravels and as a complete result, how to locate gold in a river.

Panning Gold Equipment

Panning fine gold concentrates by hand is difficult and tedious, however, when set up and operated properly, the Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder!

This Concentrator Kit weighs about 5 pounds and includes the Blue Bowl, leg levelers for using on a 5 gallon bucket, 1/4 ounce plastic vial for displaying your gold, 750 gallon per hour 12 volt pump, three feet of 3/4 inch flex hose, a pair of battery clips, and how-to instructions.

    Concentrator Kit includes the Blue Bowl, 3 plastic leg levelers, 1/4 ounce plastic vial for storing your gold, 750 gallon per hour 12 volt pump, 3 feet of 3/4 inch flex hose, pair of battery clips, and instructions.
    The Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator is completely portable and will quickly remove your fine gold from your concentrates. It is designed to work forever, with no moving parts to wear out or break.
    Pre-screen your concentrates to at least 30-mesh using a classifier before adding to your Blue Bowl.
    To recover micro-fines, prescreen the concentrates using a 50 or 100 mesh classifier.
READ MORE >>> Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit with Pump, Leg Levelers, Vial – Gold Mining Equipment

Gold Panning Machine Speed Up Your Gold Processing Work

Kit includes: Mountain Goat Trommel, Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine (w/ speed control), and Trommel Transefer Kit. Speed up your gold processing work and increase gold recovery with the Mountain Goat Gold Trommel. This machine is aptly named because it can eat almost anything and is light enough to carry up a mountain! The Mountain Goat Trommel is a reverse helix system built on the same principle as the huge mining trommels used by large mining companies all over the world, but this is light and portable. It is not to be confused with gravel pit trommels, though, which are designed to classify gravels.
The reverse helix system came from the Archimedes Screw Pump invented over 2,000 years ago by the mathematician Archimedes. Someone discovered that the pump brought up GOLD along with the water they were pumping out of the Nile river! The Mountain Goat is very efficient because the spiral riffles inside of the tube turn and bring the heavy materials up to the high end of the tube while allowing the lighter materials to flow out of the back of the tube as tailings. This system makes the trommel self-cleaning, which eliminates the need to break down for clean-up as is necessary with sluice box type equipment. Recover 50 times MORE GOLD with the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine! With the Desert Fox, you can work concentrates down much faster. Not only will your speed increase, your gold recovery and efficiency will improve by a factor of 50. That’s not a misprint! You will recover 50 times more gold with the Desert Fox than working by hand with a gold pan. More gold, less time, and a lot less work. And with the new proprietary variable speed model, you can adjust for maximum gold recovery no matter what type of material you are panning.

Furnace Set Melting Oven Kit Set for Melting Gold Silver Copper Precious Metals

New Kwik Kiln Propane Melting chamber Set 21A Designed to melt around 2-5 ounces of Gold. This Kwik Kiln set can be used with Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass and other precious metals. The Kwik Kiln uses 2 propane or MAPP gas bottles (Not Included).
Kiln Dimensions – Outer – 4″ (101mm) Dia. x 4″ (101mm) Height Inner – 1.756″ (44mm) Dia. x 1.53″ (39mm) Depth Wall Thickness 1.15″(30mm) Kiln Set Includes – 1 – Kiwk Kiln 1 pair of 13″ Long Heat Resistant Gloves 1 – 1 oz Gold Graphite Ingot Mold 1 – 5/16″ x 12″ Graphite Stir Rod 1 – 4 oz Borax Casting Flux 1 – Set of Tongs 2 – Graphite Crucibles (Holds up to 6 oz of Gold Each) Propane Bottles not included This unit is portable – Take it with you and melt up to 5 ounces of gold! Designed for Jewelers, Metalsmiths and Refiners

Small And Portable Gold Smelting Cupelling Kit

Looking for a small and portable kiln that can melt up to an ounce of clean placer gold out in the field or at home? The Kwik Kiln Cupelling Kit is a portable propane-fired kiln designed to do just that.
Kit includes: 3.5″ tall x 4″ in dia kiln, 4 premium bone ash cupels, stainless steel mini tongs, instructions •


The Kwik Kiln is 3.5″ tall x 4″ in diameter and consists of a 1″ base layer and 1.5″ kiln chamber – all wrapped in a stainless steel jacket to keep it together. The lid is 1″ thick.


The chamber has two different size chamber pieces, one of which is beveled, configured for cupelling. Two torches are needed to create the swirling heat effect (see photo). Can be used to perform scorification assays in the field, too.


Propane bottles and nozzles NOT included. NOTE: This cupelling kiln is for cupelling the lead prill after doing a fire assay. Cupels absorb lead in the prill. Cupels are not to be used like a crucible.

Furnace Metals Melting Portable

      Furnace Metals Melting portable The Hybrid Metals Melting Kiln is a small and portable combination furnace for both cupelling or melting pure metals. This Hybrid Kiln Kit supplies you with everything you need (except propane torches) to melt 1 to 5 oz of gold or scrap metals (1 to 3 ounces capacity for silver). At only 3 pounds, you can take it to the field with you and melt placer gold. It consists of a 1″ base layer and 1.5″ kiln chamber – all wrapped in a stainless steel jacket to keep it together. The lid is 1″ thick. The alumina silica refractory material is good for up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the material reaches the targeted melting temperatures, the refractory material will shrink approximately 5% which will create small cracks in the material when it cools. However, cracking is not detrimental to the operation of the kiln or the life expectancy of the kiln. Two torches are needed to create the swirling heat effect (see photo). Can be used to perform scorification assays in the field, too. Hybrid Metals Melting Kiln Kit includes: Kiln, 4 premium bone ash cupels, 2 mini graphite crucibles, 2 oz gold (1 oz silver) graphite loaf mold, stainless steel mini tongs for cupels, 6 inch scissor tongs (not pictured), 3 ounces of melting flux, Instructions for both cupelling and melting * Propane bottles and nozzles not included * NOTE FROM MANUFACTURER: The Kwik Kiln is designed to be heated with 2 pencil tip PROPANE torches simultaneously. Manufacturer will not warranty any Kwik Kiln heated too high, improperly, or in a manner that goes against its design. This includes using other types of torches, or using Mapp gas, which gives off more heat. Use propane only. This kiln ships via Priority Mail. Please be sure to provide an address where you receive US Mail.


Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry, Theory and Practice

      Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry, Theory and Practice is a condensed form of the fundamental knowledge of chemical reagents commonly used in flotation and is addressed to the researchers and plant metallurgists who employ these reagents. This book consists of three distinct parts: part 1 provides detailed description of the chemistry used in mineral processing industry; part 2 describes theoretical aspects of the action of flotation reagents, while part 3 provides information on the use of reagents in over 100 operating plants treating Cu, Cu/Zn, Cu/Pb, Zn, Pb/Zn/Ag, Cu/Ni and Ni ores.

    Looks at the theoretical aspects of flotation reagents
    Examines the practical aspects of using chemical reagents in operating plants
    Provides guidelines for researchers and engineers involved in process design and development

       Provides a valuable tool for mineral technologists and metallurgical engineers working in mineral separation plants, researchers in mineral processing and university students.Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry, Theory and Practice provides a condensed form of the fundamental knowledge of chemical reagents commonly used in flotation addressing the researchers and plant metallurgists who employ these reagents. This series of books consists of three distinct parts: Volume 1 provides detailed description of the surface and colloid chemistry principles involved in the mineral processing industry and the flotation of sulphide minerals; Volume 2 describes the flotation of Gold, PGM and oxide minerals, while Volume 3 provides information on the use of reagents in over 100 operating plants treating industrial and oxidic minerals. Written in a clear, easy-to-follow format and including multiple instances of data from innovative technology, Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry, Theory and Practice is an indispensable reference for any professional working with flotation reagents.


FURNACE: Gold Silver Scrap Recovery  And Refining Melting Furnace Kerr Lab Automatic Standart Electro- Melt Melter Furnace
Gold Melting Furnace Digital 1 kilo

3 Pc. Jeweler’s Crucibles

Jewelry Crucible Clay 80 Oz. Capacity-4″ Diameter

Electric Start Propane Torch with Push-button electric starter Hybrid Metals Melting Kiln Kit – Gold Mining Equipment CRUCIBLE TONGS Stout and thick plated steel, 8″

4 Casting Ingot Mold Melting Crucible Dishes Tool Set Earthenware Crucible Bowl for Melting 
Metals – Gold Silver Copper
Melting Dish, 3 Inch

Gold Smelting Cupelling Kit – Gold Mining Equipment

Graphite Ingot IM-10T6 (10 oz, 6 cavities), Each

100 Troy Ounce Loaf Cast Iron Ingot Mold For Melting Casting Refining Gold Silver Copper Aluminum Brass Precious Metals

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Gold Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector 1140260 Garrett-AT-Pro-Metal-Detector-All-Terrain-100-Water-Submersible-Land & water
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Celestron 3 MP LCD Handheld Digital Microscope Celestron 44302-A Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope 2MP SE Triplet 10X – 21mm LED Illuminated Loupe
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Desert Fox Single Speed Panning Machine

Mountain Goat Trommel

Fisher Prospecting Kit

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SE GP2-9 SET 9pc Set of Patented 13-1/4-Inch Stackable Sifting Pans Gold Pan 14″ – Blue

32oz Gold Rush Ergonomic Rock Pick Mining Hammer
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Jennings JScale HP-100X Gram Precision Digital Pocket Scale 100g x 0.01g with 100 Gram Scrap Jewelry Testing Kit with Jewlery Scale, Acid Test Kit, Gold and Silver Bullion Bars and More! Tri Electronics Gold Tester GT-3000

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