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Macizo City Gold Prospecting Trip in California's Mother Celebrazione

Macizo City Gold Prospecting Trip in California’s Mother Celebrazione

Every year for the past several years I use taken a vacation and prospecting trip to the little town of Serranía City, high in the Sierra Nevada range of California to prospect intended for gold on a buddy’s mining claim. Sierra Metropolis is a historic yellow metal rush town of any very little more than 200 folks. Known mostly for the rich lode mines, that also had some wealthy placers too. Its at this point a center for numerous recreational activities including sales, fishing, etc.

The North Fork of the Yuba River flows through the town and is also a good known gold bearing riv and has been greatly dredged, especially in the area both above and below the town of Downieville. It runs pertaining to miles through the Serranía Nevada range. Where I actually is working it features been little worked on the last 10 years as what he statements is pretty much encircled by private property, and permission to trespass is definitely required. The spot wherever I prospect is basically a well-known local swimming gap for the kids — but you will find nice nuggets in the bedrock and among the boulders in the back.

The whole of Serranía County is an location known for large, rough gold nuggets. The geology in much of the county is very advantageous for the organization of large gold. Historically, even more large nuggets have recently been present in Sierra County that some other county in California, as well as the region in and around the North Fork has produced almost all of those finds. During the gold rush, miners identified a 25 pound piece inside the North pay of the Yuba lake between Sierra City and Downieville. An 11 pounder was also found with the Jersey diggings on the hill just above Downieville. Lots of the side streams that dump into North hand with the Yuba have exhibited lots of large nuggets and quartz/gold specimens containing among 50 and 150 oz . of gold. There can be even an unsubstantiated adventure of a heart formed nugget from one of those side streams that comprised over 1800 ounces of gold. Most of the really large nuggets had been found in early times when thousands of miners scoured the hills, nevertheless even in today’s age of smaller scale functions and weekend prospectors, wealthy pockets of crystalline rare metal and multi-ounce nuggets continue to be found coming from time to time. While an example, some close friends of mine found a 7. 5 ounce piece while dredging in The month of september 2004.

Sierra county is usually famous for the sixteen to at least 1 mine hard rock my very own whose deep workings always yield rich pockets of gold in quartz. Through the summer of 2004, the mine yielded a sole pocket containing almost a million dollars worth of gold. As in the 18 to 1, important and enormous finds continue to be made periodically found in Sierra County.

Sierra Metropolis, California is located about 1: 45 minutes by my home in Sparks. This season I moved my own trailer into the community campground for an whole month, from mid-July to Mid-August. I wasn’t generally there the complete time, but We would come up to get long weekends, and well then go home to job. While the deserts happen to be roasting, Sierra City reaches 4200 feet and the weather this time of year is often great with highs in the low 90s and lows on the low 50s. The water temps runs about 65, which is great but still pleasurable — seems very nice to be prospecting inside the water that time of year. I spend almost all of my prospecting time dredging. In many ways, compact scale suction dredging was born on the North fork of the Yuba, numerous of the early on dredging pioneers like Ernie Keene tested their house made machines out right here, sometimes with amazing accomplishment. Over the years, We’ve made a number of friends at the camp site there and many present up year in year out, just want I do. There are actually detecting opportunities, high bank, sniping, lode gold recruiting and a good amount of other points for the prospector to do. I always desire I had more period when my season terminates and I need to come home. Its a great location to visit and those who discover this kind of hidden gem of the Sierra range usually are incredibly happy they were undertaking.

Gold Prospecting Equipment and Where to find Gold

Gold Prospecting Equipment and Where to find Gold

Here sent to you is a tiny overview of weeks of study on the web. I have been so upset that there surely is not just one central place however where one can learn All the information on gold prospecting in a single place. This subject can be geology and geology isn’t simple essentially. Certain geologic and chemical processes cause the formations we want for but even then it really is embedded in rock. In this article hopefully I can get rid of some confusion how we are able to locate what we are seeking along with a number of the gold prospecting tools involved. For more information you can travel to my site. My aim is to take the beginner and present them the various tools to go out and discover some gold with out a lot of frustration.

The Bureau Of Area Management

BLM’s site includes maps on what the property in the region you are searching has been used for. And yes it will demonstrate any existing promises in the area.

Maps are among the finest tools you might have.

Use the over the internet mapping sites like Google maps, Bing or MapQuest to learn where you intend to go before you go out. A gold prospect map I’ve made is designed for Colorado that presents all places where gold has been within days gone by. Other states can be available in the near future so check my internet site and request a state if it generally does not appear. Searching at the maps it isn’t often you will discover a mine so big a company has can be found in and started an open up pit mine but there are a few spots. They are basic to see if you zoom in to the maps you can view a huge hole dug out and in the event that you adhere to along the edges of the sites you will discover gold.

Gold is indeed dense and serious it ultimately works its approach down by the road of least resistance in to the lowest spot.


The major rivers will be a good spot to commence to look since rivers maneuver as time passes cutting off locations where it once flowed departing a dry tract where in fact the river once was. One could go there and discover on dry ground and locate a placer deposit perhaps. Using topographical maps on the web you can spot where such places exist. You may also trace the geology where drinking water runoff patterns become tributaries for a local river when you look at hills or mountains in the region you are searching. It really is in these places where in fact the water has consumed the rock above that gold in the rock can be freed running off right into a gulch that’s dry almost all of the time and you will seek out gold there. Actually some spots where no-one looks since it is zoned for casing and there is casing already up. When you can talk the dog owner ask authorization to prospect on the area. When we hit the 3rd and last level of the Bull gold marketplace it’ll be so amazing that it’ll be remembered as the utmost lucrative gold event ever sold. So how much they are going to let you keep will rely upon the persons you deal with.


Places where glaciers have already been are good areas to look because the glacier has overly enthusiastic the soil and torn the rock into rubble producing lose gold simple to find. That you can do a seek out glaciers that might have been near you. Here in Colorado there are plenty of such places and I am searching and let you know how productive I have already been.

In today’s world because the technology has increased considerably we are able to find things others could have missed. People can look in the tailings of abandoned mines which will be piles left out by miners. It is important to notice that entering any mine is comparable to suicide being that they are so very dangerous especially old mines. There exists a lot of information you will need to read to comprehend just how dangerous this could be, so avoid entering any mine.

The 3rd and last level of the precious metal bull industry will be remembered as the utmost lucrative gold event ever

The most important Gold Recruiting Tools

The most important Gold Recruiting Tools

Shovels, griddles, dredges along with other physical methods are pretty much useless without having several specific kinds of knowledge.

Brains Are more Important When compared with Hands

The substantial price associated with gold has inspired a huge number of people to be amateur prospectors. Most of them are investing their weekends or perhaps vacations in search of the yellowish metal. High platinum prices have also fueled any surge inside the sales associated with gold griddles, portable dredges, metal detectors along with other gold sales tools.

Anyone that buys most of these tools won’t be instantly equipped to get gold. The only thing that most of these tools will perform is assist you recover the gold when you’re a couple of feet or a few inches far from it. Getting to the next location — finding platinum – uses a more crucial tool — a neural that was adequately prepared with the proper kinds of knowledge.

The kinds of knowledge required to effectively probability for platinum include:

A familiarity with where gold may be found in the past
A familiarity with to legally probability
A familiarity with prospecting laws and regulations
A familiarity with gold build up and geology
An understanding of sales methods

This is the brief summary in the types associated with knowledge as listed above. These summaries tend to be brief want . complete presentation for every type associated with knowledge might contain ample information for at least one college-level program.

Where Provides Gold Been Found in the past?

The United states has already been more greatly prospected for gold than the majority of nations within this planet. Millions of individuals have already been mustered for the search for gold during several platinum rushes in numerous places.

The phrase “gold rush” makes most people think associated with locations such as California, Ak and Colorado. However, gold rushes have also occurred inside states such as North Carolina as well as Georgia. It is often a pretty safe bet that nearly every stream in the states has already been planned for gold at least one time. In essentially the most famous platinum locations much of the sediment may be through platinum pans, sluices or perhaps dredges multiple times.

States that have reported business gold creation include: The state of alabama, Alaska, State of arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Baltimore, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New South america, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington as well as Wyoming.

The geological survey for most states having commercial platinum production has prepared starting and technical information about the platinum deposits as well as mining background. The United states Geological Questionnaire has organized detailed maps and reviews for the majority of the major platinum mining areas and contains prepared several general attention publications about gold. In addition there are lots associated with prospecting manuals and maps written for amateur prospectors.
Most in the land in the states is off-limits for prospecting. High of it is actually privately owned or operated by individuals, corporations, institutions and trusts. Usually do not prospect about these lands unless you have contacted the actual and purchased explicit choice. Explicit choice includes but seriously isn’t limited to: (A) where you need to prospect; (B) when you need to prospect; (C) just what methods you need to use as well as any exterior or subsurface disturbance that could result; (D) what you need to remove from the property; (E) exactly how anything found will be reported to and distributed to the landowner. Getting most of these permissions seriously isn’t a “courtesy” – these are a requirement. Prospecting about private property or home without them you could end up your public arrest for trespassing, vandalism or perhaps theft.

Generally in most states, county-level government authorities maintain maps of property or home ownership that you can consult to acquire ownership as well as boundary facts. Property ownership is frequently public information and many local governments allow it to become very easy that you should access it. Sometimes you could find this facts online or perhaps purchase copies in the official property ownership documents. Some community governments havent invested making this information simple to operate or in keeping it latest. If you choosed to use this data in all probability you’ll need a superb bit associated with mapping expertise to move property border to maps or GPS DEVICE devices for easy use within the discipline. Good luck!

When you determine the master of a pathway of property, be knowledgeable that the one who owns the counter might certainly not own or perhaps control any minerals which might be present. The vitamin rights into a surface parcel can be sold or perhaps leased to someone else. So, ensure that you learn who owns the counter and that controls any minerals.

A number of owners associated with mineral-bearing countries have exposed them for “fee sales. ” These house owners will let you prospect as well as keep what we find when you pay these people a fee before starting or pay out a paid upon what we remove. These could be great places to get a beginner to master because prospecting there’s often effortless and lots of the experience people there appreciate sharing just what they understand. You can certainly learn a whole lot and make some great friends. These places could be an enjoyable experience if that you are courteous to others as well as obey the owner’s regulations.

Land that’s not under private ownership is frequently owned simply by federal, point out and community governments. These lands can be off-limits to prospectors since they are being preserved as a park or perhaps conservation region. Before you go sales on government-owned lands you ought to contact the agency the boss of that land and have explicit permissions just like what ended up being described for private countries above. Removing any rock or perhaps digging about these lands might get you in a lot more trouble in comparison with on private property. This is the quote from your Bureau associated with Land Supervision publication.

Persons that remove vitamin materials from public lands with out a permit or perhaps contract are believed unauthorized people and inside trespass. Also, unauthorized users could possibly be fined up to $100, 000 as well as sentenced as much as 1 calendar year in offender.

The Bureau of Land Management is in charge of 700 million acres associated with mineral house lands, mostly inside the western United states. A wide range of commercial as well as recreational prospecting develops on BLM countries. The agency is a superb place to start out in determining and legally look for gold about public property. Start simply by contacting the field office near the location where you wish to prospect.

Last but not least, before you go into the field it a very good idea to use a map in which clearly scars the boundaries in the land that you are permitted to prospect. Or you would possibly load the home boundaries in a GPS system. Property boundaries can be unmarked inside the field and keeping track of your location while sales in heavy vegetation or perhaps on toned open land could be challenging.

What Prospecting Regulations Apply?

Whenever you choosed to enter open public or private land and initiate prospecting it can be your responsibility to know the community prospecting, land make use of and ecological regulations that could apply to your actions from that certain location. Sometimes permits are expected, the methods that you use could be regulated, and there might be environmental laws that prevent you from digging, unsettling streams as well as using apparatus or motor vehicles. Some these have absolutely no relationship to gold prospecting but it really is even now your responsibility to know and follow them.

A good starting point is to look for the government agency accountable for administering the land that you would like to use as well as contact these people for facts. They could provide each of the information which you are required or refer one to the proper location.

Many of these areas enable prospectors to “stake any claim” that provides them temporary rights to operate on a limited chunk of property. If you find a valuable location you should probably stake any claim. It can also be a smart idea to learn exactly how claims tend to be marked to help you steer clear of them. The actual penalties for jumping a angry prospector’s state are unpredictable!

Gold Build up and Recruiting Methods

Precious metal occurs inside two standard deposit varieties: lode platinum and placer platinum. A familiarity with how these types of deposits form and in which they occur is important for obtaining gold. Knowledge will certainly multiply your likelihood of success. There are numerous books, websites as well as government reviews that summarize gold build up and how to look for them.

An understanding of sales methods can also be essential. If you’re on any stream containing placer gold but you don’t understand how to pan then you definately will overlook the platinum right under you. Learning regarding the types associated with tools available and the best way to use them is important for success. Again, there are many books, sites and govt reports in which describe most of these methods.

How popular is gold prospecting?

How popular is gold prospecting?

Gold prospecting as a hobby is getting bigger and bigger and as gold prices skyrocket and the economy tanks further, gold prospecting will only get bigger.

Let me first roll back the clock a bit and start by saying that back in 94′ I had just purchased a brand new Baja Bayrunner center console fishing boat and being into fishing I would always look for some shows on that particular sport and there wasn’t much to be found. Now, you can go to the outdoor network or one of the other outdoor related channels on tv and find fishing shows all day long, and I think that as a growing hobby, gold prospecting can get to the point where there are at least more than just one show on tv.

TV networks starting to take a closer look at gold prospecting for entertainment.

Take a look at Gold Rush Alaska on the Discovery Channel, that was their highest rated show ever!! It beat out Deadliest Catch and all the rest of their line up, which kind of reinforces what Boomer and I have been saying for years and that is.. that the market is out there, and there are more and more folks joining the ranks for their shot at finding gold. Its fun, its good exercise, its camping, its enjoying the great outdoors, and if your lucky…well then… its also profitable, but if not, then at least you always have fun.

What is it like prospecting for gold out there in the middle of nowhere?

Picture this….your driving your 4×4 down a trail, 35 miles from the nearest paved road, you locate a nice clearing off the trail with plenty of area’s to work your drywasher or metal detector, enough room to set up a couple of tents and have a nice fire so you pull over and in an hour or so, boom! You are all set up and ready to spend the next two or three days having fun, when the sun goes down you fire up the grill, throw on some big ol’ fat steaks with some whole sliced tater’s and some veg-all and your ready for a feast.

After dinner you pull out the radio, pop on your I-pod and enjoy some music, light the campfire, crack open some frostie’s and then threaten all your buddies with the fact that you will be the one who finds a 1 ounce nugget this weekend…and come up with a game plan for tomorrow…whilst spinning some yarns of the past. If you haven’t done this yet…you aren’t living!!

Now lets just say for the next two days you don’t find any gold, could you then call it a bad trip?? No way! Don’t forget there’s still fun in the hunt! Next time you will just have to find a better spot that’s all, good thing is… you haven’t seen another person or vehicle go by the entire weekend, just the peaceful serenity of the desert interspersed with the mechanical yet beautiful chug-chug of a drywasher or the audio threshold of your metal detector, it does NOT… get any better than that! Now you might not roll the way we do, and you don’t have to, just to have fun, sometimes just being out there is fun enough.

Whats the future for gold prospecting?

So as the years go on and this hobby of gold prospecting grows, so will the information, new websites will pop up, older ones will get bigger and better, and maybe…just maybe, there will be a whole variety of gold prospecting shows on TV as well, but until then, there some great gold prospecting books as well as some good gold prospecting related online forums to keep us entertained as well as motivated in the off season. As a pal of mine and a great author named Jim Straight is quoted as saying…

“A detector sitting in a closet only finds…dust”

How to metal gold testing

        The testing process gold from gold bouillon is very necessary, in which the gold content so that the results we obtain can be seen the most of what percentage of karat or purity levels of the value contained in the gold metal. How to do metal gold testing, In the process of testing the gold, there are several methods that can be used, ranging from gold assay methods in a simple way to use chemical solutions to using digital tools. Several types of testing processes such as methods Touchstone testing, Acid testing kits, Electronic gold testers.
      Touchstone testing is the testing of gold by using a textured black stone and is very light or even with the slate. In testing this gold requires an acid to see references from the gold content being tested. The way the test is to rub a gold metal on black stone, so it will look a yellowish colored scratches scratches from gold or small deposit of gold on the surface of the touch stone then do the same with a known gold item, apply a small drop of the test acid to each mark and observe – compare the reaction of the acid and repeat the test with a different Karat acid until a match is observed. Remember to test a fresh portion of the mark as you don’t wont to cross contaminate the test acids. This method is best suited for known items of gold that are not hallmarked and you just really need to determine the Karat or purity of the gold. Touchstone testing compares how gold alloys of known and unknown fineness react to acid. For gold, the test is based on the fact that 24K gold resists all but the strongest acids. The purer the gold (the higher the karatage), the stronger the acid required to change its character or to dissolve it.
         Acid test kit is a method of testing by placing a small drop of acid to the surface of the item, sometimes it is required that you scratch the test surface in an inconspicuous place to be sure your not testing a gold plated item, this can be done with a pocket knife or small file. By breaking the surface of the metal the acid will give a more accurate result. Place a small drop of acid directly on the scratch starting with theAcid gold test lowest Karat acid first e.g.9kt. Observe the reaction and compare to a colour reference chart that is usually included, repeat the test with a higher value Karat acid if necessary until a colour match is found. Genuine or solid gold will usually leave a brown stain and non gold items will leave a green stain on the metal or react by bubbling and sizzling indicating that the item is either gold plated or contains copper as a base metal. Rinse the test item in clean water to remove any excess test fluid, any light staining left behind can be easily removed with a pencil eraser or buffing wheel. Always exercise caution when using Acid Testing Kits and be sure to read all safety information provided with your kit, acid is very corrosive and toxic. Acid testing is probably the most widely used of all the gold testing methods. A selection of different Karat acids are formulated to react in different ways when they come into contact with genuine gold items of a certain Karat
       The electronic gold tester is a relatively new addition for the scrap gold dealers toolbox, briefly it consists of an electronic circuit and a test plate of reference gold all housed in a neat desktop size box. Electronic Gold this assay is very easy to use in testing gold, quickly and efficiently detects karat value of the gold from 6 to 18 karats. Also detects platinum and separates solid gold items from gold plated ones. Provides a numeric reading on the LCD display that corresponds to the karat table.

Gold Panning For Identify Minerals Gold Alluvial

           There may be some of the less know how panning eluvial gold ore found on the path of the river or the prospect area which contains metallic gold ore, and how to identify alluvial gold in river to obtain a suitable sample of gold ore. The place to look for gold eluvial including creeks and ditches along the sides of hills and in depressions between the hills. Alluvial deposits occur on the hillsides and in the hollows between the hills. Then we tried along the river, which at the start of a bend in the curve of the river downstream side or bend in the river because it is usually gold ore are often stuck in there. And we can try to take a few handfuls of sand sediment and then washed with a platter.

           By using equipment made ​​from plastic pots or metal we can do an analysis of eluvial gold ore. And we also need to separate magnetic metal with a gold metal content of iron ore. Before you use these pans equipment wash with soap to remove any residual oil from the sometimes still tied at the bottom of the pan.

Step in gold panning:
Look for areas in the bend of the river that have a prospect of the gold mineral ore. Then fill the pot you use for gold panning with sand, soil and gravel that you think have gold content of ore minerals. 
        To begin the next step place the pan on the bottom of the water and gently shake pan and rotate them. Then tilt the pan for some materials rough stone are in a position above the rough and then you throw rocks slowly by hand. Indirectly mineral ore will be under because of the force of gravity, and gravity of gold metallic minerals and rocks
Now turn and shake the pan back gold from side to side and pull it backwards, while partially submerging under the water pan. While such set up a tidal wave This allows each particle of gold is not out of the pot but was trapped at the bottom of the pan.

Tilt the pot of gold with the tip away from you slightly under water. While your hands are still shaking while positions remain as they are side to side, sink, lift and out of the water and tilted back, allowing it to form a wave. Tip forward again, letting the waves travel ahead to take out of the pan. Next turn back the pan from side to side again so that the metal back on the bottom of the pan

      Some of the previous steps should be repeated until the only remaining approximately one tablespoon of the remaining fine material. This action is necessary to gently wash the used amount of dirt remaining. Eventually will be seen a few grains of fine gold ore at the bottom of the pan but still there are some impurities. To eliminate some black dirt that is most likely iron ore sand, we can use a magnetic metal to take it. Place a magnetic metal in a plastic bag so that the black sand collected on the outside of the magnetic metal for iron ore can be easily retrieved from a magnetic metal.

To eliminate some black dirt that is most likely iron ore sand, we can use a magnetic metal to take it. Place a magnetic metal in a plastic bag for iron ore can be easily retrieved from a magnetic metal. then enter a magnetic metal into a pot which contained gold ore, then iron ore will stick to the magnetic metal, while gold ore will be fixed and does not stick

Gold spots can then be collected with wet fingers and placed in sample bottles filled with water. A teaspoon is useful to collect the gold when present in large numbers

Video Processing Gold Mining Newmont Mining Corporation

    Newmont Mining Corporation is a mining company based in Denver, Colorado United States, the company was founded in 1921 by Colonel William Boyce Thompson in New York United States. Newmont Mining Corporation is primarily a gold producer, with significant assets or operations in the United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico
So how do our exploration teams Newmont Mining Corporation locate future large-scale projects gold mining
      The first step is prospecting. But with veins of gold Typically spanning just a few feet in width, and curving along the Earth’s geography, it is extremely difficult, to pinpoint an area of exploration Among Thousands of square miles of land.

And this is a video overview of how Newmont Mining Corporation to a gold mining exploration

Newmont Mining Corporation uses several methods to reduce the size of land to explore, among others:

  • Evaluate the land’s geology
  • Analyze the geochemistry of soil sediment and water
  • Commission airborne geophysics surveys to record the level of electrical and magnetic current in the crust below.
Once a target area has been identified, and geological, geophysical and geochemical data indicate a high probability of a deposit, drilling is conducted. Drilling helps evaluate the type and grade of minerals in the ore, they mark the exact location and depth of each sample taken. Samples are then sent to an accredited lab, which identifies the type of minerals and grade of gold within them. Once information is back from the lab, then  supplement those findings with geologic, geochemical and geophysics data. Understanding the local geology is a very important part of the process, both economically and environmentally. The geology affects mining, processing and the ways in which manage waste rock, tailing and water. It is also an important aspect of rehabilitation plans.
    Production geologists use information they obtain from sampling, testing, mapping and observation to determine the most efficient and effective mining techniques, as well as to identify the grade (amount of mineral) in the ore. In gold and silver mining, grade is reported as grams per ton. Copper grade is reported as a percentage. It is important to know the grade to determine which rock is sent to the plant for processing and which rock is sent to the waste rock storage area.By using this data and complex computer programs to more accurately define the orebody, mine engineers can determine mining methods, design blast patterns, design dig patterns, and maximize the safety and efficiency of production – as well as determine how the ore should be processed.

Process Flow Gold Mining

       Gold mining was first carried out in alluvial areas, namely in watersheds that have a mineral content of the ore deposits of gold, where gold is mined by a very simple way by using the tools of a pan. This processing method gold panning is very simple, the separation between the gold ore minerals is done by shaking the pan to follow the movement of the hand that spins in the flow of water while hand is vibrated so that the gold ore will drop down, then slowly poured the water in the pan out as the flow of sea water waves , so that the sand which is above the exit wasted, while the gold ore would remain at the bottom. The separation between the gold ore with other minerals in the alluvial deposits  then developed with gold mining wave table, and then followed by a gravity separation method using the process of merging with the capture of mercury.  Gold exploration in the lower layers of soil to get the primary sediment deposits began in 1860 with gold using a cyanide treatment system. And in 1960 the method of processing low-grade gold began being applied, which carried out the processing system through leaching heap, this process is basically developed from gold processing system using cyanidation. Economic climate that developed during the decade of 60-70s also forced more and more advanced processing technology so that the plague of gold exploration gold mining began to flourish around the world. And during this decade found several technologies that can improve the recovery of gold recovery even for low-grade gold. This development was influenced by the development of chemical technology.

Some of the advanced and economical technology used in the processing of gold mining is

Carbon in Pulp (CIP)
       Carbon in pulp process or CIP was developed in the early 70’s. In the process, the leaching of gold ore mineral rocks through the stages of cyanidation process, then the particles of gold in gold-rich solution is absorbed by the pores of the carbon. Carbon containing gold is then washed and the electrolysis to produce metallic gold bullion.
Heap Leaching
       Heap leach is a method developed by Henin and Lindstrom to process low grade ore with large scale and small production costs, so that the lowest levels of mineral ore can still be economical. This is a process heap leach gold leaching low-grade rocks are stockpiled, then the solution containing the metal particles are screened and separated by electrolysis. Heap leach done repeatedly and on a large scale.

Ore Refractories
      Ore is refractory gold ore that can not be processed by simple cyanidation because it wrapped up by other minerals, such as sulfide or telluroid. But this can be in cyanidation ore after roasting for wrapping wet mineral particles of gold. This ore can be treated by chlorination followed by cyanidation and zinc precipitation or with CIP and electrowinning.

Of all the gold mineral processing must go through several stages in all these stages it is absolutely live to get the desired results, as for some stages it can be underlined by the diagram below

Phase diagram of the processing of gold :
   *  Destruction of rocks minerals

    Mineral rocks from the mining area was then taken into the area of ​​destruction, and destruction of rock do to get smaller sized rocks. Size obtained is usually ± 20mm. machine used is a machine or Stone Crusher Hammer Mill or Crusher Jaws. After going through the process of destruction, and entered into the refining process using a machine Ball Mill to get Ø200 mesh. In the process of natural mineral processing, the size of a mineral material will greatly affect the outcome and recovery at the end of the process. The finer the mineral material will be higher and further that the maximum recovery can result in the leaching process

   *  The Processing Of Gold

Once the size of the ore is reduced, the process is then performed by separating the mineral concentration process gold from mineral impurities, consisting of several kinds of processing techniques:

  • PROCESS GRAVITY CONCENTRATION : Gravity concentration is the separation of valuable materials and worthless in a mineral due to the forces within the fluid by / depending on the difference in density, shape and size. Concentration / separation by gravity methods exploit differences in the density of gold with a density of other minerals in the rocks
  • AMALGAMATION PROCESS :  Amalgamation is a process of binding of mineral ore by mercury and form an amalgam form of Au (gold) with Hg (mercury). And the process of amalgamation is the process of chemical physics, if the results of the amalgam is heated, it will break down into elements, namely mercury and gold bullion. Amalgam can be decomposed by heating in a retort, the mercury will evaporate and can be recovered from the condensation of mercury vapor. While Au – Ag still remained in the retort as a form of mineral ores.
  • FLOTATION PROCESS : Flotation can be interpreted as a separation of a substance from other substances in a liquid or a solution based on differences in surface properties of the substance to be separated, where the substances that remain hydrophilic aqueous phase while hydrophobic substances that are air bubbles will be bound by and will be brought to the surface solution and form bubbles which can then be separated from the liquid, where flotation process aims to separate and produce a metal concentrate. This process produces metals from ore concentrates at the mine by separating valuable minerals from impurities that cover it.
  • LEACHING PROCESS : leaching is the extraction of certain materials from a carrier into a liquid (usually, but not always a solvent). Process Leaching Cyanide This process aims to take the gold extraction is formed in the chlorination process and transformed into a compound Dicyano Aurrat (Au (CN) 2). Because the compound that would be absorbed in the pores of activated carbon. Cyanidation process consists of two important phases, namely the dissolution process and the process of separating gold from the solution. Solvents commonly used in the process cyanidasi is NaCN, KCN, Ca (CN) 2, or a mixture of all three. The most commonly used solvent is NaCN, being able to dissolve gold is better than other solvents. In general, Au and Ag dissolution reactions are as follows:

4Au 8CN-+ + O2 + 2 H2O = 4Au (CN) 2 – + 4OH-
4Ag 8CN-+ + O2 + 2 H2O = 4Ag (CN) 2 – + 4OH

     *  Gold Concentrate
From the stage of the process will then be obtained concentrate processing ores containing various metals. And the concentrate will be processed in order to obtain the value of gold in high purity chemical process. And a few stages of the treatment process through a process
  • SMELTING : Smelting is a form of extractive metallurgy; its main use is to produce a metal from its ore. This includes production of silver, iron, copper and other base metals from their ores. Smelting uses heat and a chemical reducing agent to decompose the ore, driving off other elements as gasses or slag and leaving just the metal behind. 
  • PARTING: Parting is the separation of gold by using nitric acid or HNO3. In this process the gold is only separated from the metals copper and silver by nitric acid. Dissolved copper in the form of copper and silver nitride is dissolved by nitric acid in the form of silver nitride, so that only gold is left in this process.
  • AQUA REGIA : Aqua regia is a solution made ​​from a mixture of concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid. This solution is highly corrosive, issued a yellow vapor. This is the only solution capable of dissolving gold and platinum (metal-metal of the most noble in the series Volta), which concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid separately had no effect on gold, but a mixture of two acids react with gold dramatically.

    *  Bars Gold : The results of the concentrate that has been processed, then used a metal rod that is ready to be marketed in accordance with the price of gold on the market.